A Special Diet for Aging Cats #HillsPet

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Did you know even though I'm the bird lady, that I still love cats too? That's probably completely unheard of, but this is my sweet little baby, Milo. Please forgive the picture; it's the only one I have left.

It's actually a funny story how I ended up having him too. My mom started feeding a stray that kept coming to our porch and she ended up having a litter of kittens right there! But she left one behind when she moved them all to another location. And that one was Milo and it was because he was a the runt. So until he could do everything on his own, my parents had to bottle feed him and even help him use the bathroom. And once he grew up, he wasn't a runt anymore! He could reach up to you and give you a huge around your waist he was so tall!

Do you know how old Milo is now? He's twelve but I don't get to see him anymore. When I moved to a new house when I was a teenager, my parents decided that they didn't want cats anymore so they took all four of the ones we had and dropped them off at the pound. Personally I think this was extremely cruel of them to do and I even hid Milo in my closet so they couldn't take him, but eventually they found him anyways.

Milo does have a good home though and he's doing just fine still. But now he's considered a senior cat instead of just a baby like I remember him. Cats age 7-10 are considered mature cats and cats age 11+ are senior cats. But just because they grow out of that crazy kitten stage, doesn't mean they still don't need special care.

The best thing for a senior cat is to maintain or improve the quality of life and decrease the risk of chronic diseases such as dental, heart, and kidney. And you also want to help your cats still feel young too and want to play. Now you can make a difference in your cat’s quality of life with Hill’s Science Diet® healthy aging formulas.

Hills Science Diet Active Longevity

Cats over the age of 7 need to have their phosphorus levels and other vital nutrients controlled to reduce kidney stress. They need a reduction in their sodium intake and  their urine pH also needs to support a healthy urinary tract. Once cats hit this age, urinary tract infections and stones can happen and even take a life. For the age of 7-10, Hills recommends their Active Longevity. 

Hills Science Diet Age Defying

Made for cats over 11 years old, Hills Science Diet Age Defying can actually help slow down the aging process and make your older cat feel young again with their special blend of nutrients.

Every cat is completely different and that's why Hills Science Diet has so many foods you can choose from. So make sure to take your cats age into factor the next time you're buying them food.

Do you have an older cat? Do you feed them a special blend of food made just for their age group?