Helping Mary's Dry Skin with #JOHNSONSBaby #Ad

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When Mary was a baby, she used to love to get massages. Almost every night I would give her a night time bath with some soothing bubbles and afterwards I would massage her to sleep. I did this until she was about 1 year old and it was a sweet bonding experience for us. But as she got older, I stopped because life just got in the way. So now I've decided to start it again with her.

Mary also has terribly dry skin so when I would try to massage her, her skin would just suck in all the moisture very quickly. I've been searching for a while for a cream that is made for children who have very dry skin and I recently came across JOHNSON’S® Baby Intense Moisture Cream which is gentle enough for a baby but can lock in moisture to help relieve dryness for adults as well. So while I'm rubbing her, I can get some moisture for my hands too!

Once we got home, Mary had her nightly bath and got ready for her massage.  When I told her she was going to get massages again, she got very excited! She's the type of child that loves to be touched and loved on so this is a perfect bonding experience for us.

I massaged Mary's back first which brought back a lot of memories. I still remember doing this when she was so young and when I first did it again tonight, it was like I never stopped. I love being able to bond with her so this was very special to both of us.

After her massage, she was very happy and sleepy. So after a big day out, I put her to bed for the night. And just like when she was a baby, she was fast asleep before I closed the door.