Mary's Playing @PlayTown4Kids

I am a PlayTown Ambassador and was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.
Like most kids, Mary loves to make movies. But most of the time, she makes movies and stories with my expensive camera and then they are downloaded onto my computer. And you know what that means. A lot of taken space in my hard drive. I love watching her movies, but I don't have the space for all the ones she wants to make. So I found her a great new app called PlayTown which lets kids make a story into a movie and save it to their files.

Playtown is a very unique app because it not only lets you make a story, but you can narrate it as well. You add your characters, draw your own, and even take pictures of yourself to be a part of your story too. Along with adding characters, you can also add music too which is really fun.

So far since Mary has played with this app, she has made twenty one stories. Yes, I'm really serious. She loves this app a lot and for good reasons. It's fun for kids and it's free for download on Google Play and iTunes.

So if your kids love to make movies and stories, then download PlayTown for them! They'll love it!