Falling in Love with Peppa Pig!

Thanks to Fisher Price and Candlewick Press for these wonderful review products.

Since last year, Mary has been in love with Peppa Pig so when we were asked to review two new Peppa Pig toys and a book, she got so happy! We were able to review Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa, Bedtime Peppa and the book Busy Day at School.

Bedtime Peppa was very cute. She's a soft stuffed animal and she glows and sings sweet bedtime songs. Mary loved cuddling up to her at night a lot. Of course before bed, I read her Busy Day at School in my best English accent for her. 

Mary's favorite thing so far has been the Bathtime Peppa because it's a little tub that sticks to your tub walls. Then while your kids are taking a bath, they can give Peppa one too. It's really cute and Mary has been having a blast trying to get Peppa's nose clean.

Overall we're very impressed with the new Peppa line. They are all very cute and I hope to see more toys soon!