Why I Absolutely Hate Ticks and Fleas #TICKFREEFALL #sponsored

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I have had my fair share of dealing with fleas and ticks and let me tell you, I hate them. Not like how normal people hate them, I truly detest them. 

The first time I ever found a tick on anything, it was me. When my husband and I first got married, we had a house in the woods so we would take romantic little walks sometimes by ourselves. Well, one day when we got back to the house, my head was really itchy so I asked my husband to check it out. And what he found was a huge tick on me. Gross right? I went in and showered for two hours after that.

Then when I was pregnant, my husband bought me a kitten. The poor little thing was so precious but it was really sick. So sick in fact that it eventually passed away one morning in the house before I woke up. Well, the little kitten had fleas apparently too so when it died, the fleas all jumped off of it and went throughout my carpets. That was an absolute nightmare. I don't think anyone has ever been bit by more fleas than me.

And just recently, we moved to a nice big house with a basement. Unfortunately, the last owners had a indoor dog that lived down there but no one told us that. So the first time we went down to the basement, I noticed there were black bugs all over my daughter's legs. Then I looked down and saw they were all over me and husband too. Fleas were in our basement and they were everywhere. It really wouldn't have been a big deal since they would have died without food anyways after about a week, but my washer and dryer are down there so I go down all the time. Understand why I hate fleas and ticks so much now?

Fortunately, all the fleas in the basement are now dead thanks to some strong powder, but I don't want that to ever happen again. And that's why I use PetArmor on my in-law's dog. They come over often and I don't want more fleas in the house so I get PetArmor for them all the time. They don't get out much and I don't mind picking up stuff for them, and when it comes to flea and tick medicine, I couldn't run fast enough!

PetArmor is an effective solution for flea and tick protection for both dogs and cats. It kills the four major types of ticks including those that carry Lyme disease. PetArmor contains the same No. 1 vet-recommended active ingredient Fipronil found in Frontline brand products, and provides the same protection against adult fleas and ticks but is available for significantly less. My parents used to go broke at our vet's office when they would buy flea and tick medicine for all of our pets. So an affordable solution that works just as good for less is awesome in my book!

Did you know that the adult stage deer tick actually begins its feeding activity about the time of first frost (or early October throughout its range), and it will latch onto any larger host (cat to human) any day that the temperature is near or above freezing? Adult female deer ticks can transmit Lyme Disease. Another tick that carries Lyme disease is the Blacklegged tick. The adult stages of this tick begin to become active as the season changes from summer to fall. So not all bugs die in the winter and that means your pet isn't safe then too!

If you've never tried PetArmor, you need to. It's super easy to use and it's effective too. I highly suggest it to anyone who knows how pesky these little critters can be but don't want to break the bank buying repellent for them!