Huffy Moms on Bikes

When I was a little girl, I remember learning to ride a bike. I was so scared at first but once I finally got the hang of it, I never wanted to get off. I rode it to school when I was young and all over my neighborhood with my friends. But as I got older and I could drive, bikes didn't seem so important to me anymore. At least until I got to be a mom and I needed to keep up with my daughter on hers!

Mary got her first bike for Hanukkah last year so ever since then, I have had a time trying to keep up with her! She's fast and me on my little legs running doesn't get justice so I thought it was time to get a bike again..for me!

About a month ago, Huffy asked me to review one of their gorgeous bikes. And when I found out I was getting a retro one, I got super excited! I love retro stuff and this bike makes me feel like I'm back in the 40's. 

The bike I received was the Nel Lusso and it's a gorgeous cruiser for women. The Huffy Nel Lusso features a front basket with room for your sweater, phone, keys and more. When you need to carry a bit more, the rear rack is easy to use. You can also keep your favorite drink at your fingertips using the convenient beverage holder on the handlebar.  

The Nel Lusso really makes me feel so free. It's been so many years since I rode a bike and having this not only lets me keep up with my daughter but it also makes me feel young again! And ever since I got the bike, I don't want to get off of it! 

So if you're looking for a great bike, check out Huffy's amazing selection! They aren't like any other bikes I have ever seen!