A Visit to the Georgia Aquarium

This wonderful post was written by Lyndsey Wood who reviewed five downtown Atlanta attractions for Our Whiskey Lullaby as a guest blogger! A big thanks to her!

Last weekend we took a trip to Atlanta to use our City Passes, which includes tickets to the Georgia Aquarium. I hadn't been since high school and Jonathan and I were super excited to take our forever discovering fifteen month old, Tobyn. Everything is so vibrant, colorful and interactive. Even though he is still young, it was still perfect for his very short attention span. He had an absolute blast!

There is so much interaction in the Georgia Explorer exhibit. You can touch and feel manna rays and sharks that swim right in front of you.

Tobyn reaching for the Manna Ray, he almost took him home. ;)

Beautiful Beluga Whales in the Cold Water Quest.

The California Sea Otters, they were taking naps though

Tobyn and I climbed into one of the many tunnels that allows you to get super up close to the animals and got face to face with some Penguins.

In the Ocean Voyager exhibit, you stand on a moving walkways as it takes you under a 6.3 million gallon aquarium holding Whale Sharks, gigantic Manna Rays and hundreds of other fish species!

Tropical Diver exhibit is full of beautiful and colorful fish! It was a bright and vibrant experience!

We loved the Georgia Aquarium, it will be a place we revisit in the coming years for sure! I think it's great for children and adults of any age. We made many memories there and will remember our experience for a lifetime!