The Coca Cola Factory in Atlanta

This wonderful post was written by Lyndsey Wood who reviewed four downtown Atlanta attractions for Our Whiskey Lullaby as a guest blogger! A big thanks to her!

If you've been reading along with us you know we went to Atlanta a week or so ago and used our Atlanta City Passes to explore the city. One of our destinations was the Coca Cola Factory! It was so visually stimulating and exciting as you walked through the history and science behind Coke. Tobyn even enjoyed parts of it, though, I'd say a good age would be 3 and up on this one.

The Vault holding the actual recipe for Coke!

All the different products made by Coca Cola.

The room where you can taste as many different drinks created by Coke from all over the world as you want!

We really enjoyed ourselves here, although we are ex soda drinkers ( We broke that while here obviously) It was really tons of fun! This also ended our Atlanta trip, because we only could stay for the weekend. This was a big bummer, because also in the Atlanta City Passes was a ticket to Fernbank or the High Museum of Arts, but it just wasn't possible to it all in one weekend, sadly. That would be my only concern for the City Passes, is if you are traveling from out of town and plan to use them all in one weekend, that it may not be so easy to get to them all.

Other than that, we had an absolute blast, we made so many memories and experienced the beautiful city of Atlanta in some really amazing ways. Thank you everyone for reading about our adventures and make sure you check out these places if you are ever near Atlanta, you won't regret it!