Visiting the CNN Center in Atlanta

This wonderful post was written by Lyndsey Wood who reviewed four downtown Atlanta attractions for Our Whiskey Lullaby as a guest blogger! A big thanks to her!

If you've been following us, you know we took a super fun trip to Atlanta a week or two back and used Atlanta City Passes to explore our way through the city. While there, we stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Omni Hotel and were very pleasantly pleased with all aspects, price, view and hospitality. It was very conveniently in the same building as the CNN Center, which was in our Atlanta City Passes. Yay for not even having to drive there!

Riding up the world's longest freestanding escalator is pretty intense actually.

Our guide showed us how the green screen worked, and also how to make a floating head!

The news gathering room, this was so amazing to see and just thing about all the news and information that has gone through this room. It's incredible.

The longest free standing escalator in the world. This tour was very interesting. It was about an hour long and full of awesome facts and realities about the news and what it takes to get it on TV. There were certain places they didn't allow pictures, so sadly I didn't get to get it all. But we did get to see Hanson being interviewed in the studio, that was pretty awesome! We loved this tour, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with children under 5.