CastleRock Resort and WaterPark

Our Whiskey Lullaby was invited to go check out the Castlerock Resort and Waterpark in Branson, MO. Since we were unable to attend, we had the talented Crystal Rapinchuk from Surviving a Teacher's Salary go for us! This post was written by her and all her opinions are her own!

Our family loves adventures so when we were offered the opportunity to take a little (7 hour!) road trip down to Branson, MO to experience a weekend stay at Castle Rock Resorts & Waterpark I jumped right on it! None of us had ever been to Branson so I was incredibly eager to go! As you can imagine after a long road trip we were pretty tired but we easily found the resort and I was blown away by how gorgeous the inside of the lobby was! They were SO friendly and I was checked in in less than a minute. I really appreciated that right in the lobby were brochures and coupons for local attractions since we didn’t really know what was around to do!

As we got up to the 2nd floor where we were staying, that’s when my boys (6 & 4 years old) saw it….the AMAZING waterpark! Heck even I was excited! In fact it was 2 floors of amazing (3 if you counted the tops of the slides!). The kids quickly forgot how tired they were and raced into the hotel room to put their swimsuits on. The room we stayed in was plenty spacious with 2 full beds as well as a completely separate “bunk” room for the boys which came complete with bunk beds and a TV. It was nice to have our own privacy to work at night while the boys were sleeping without feeling like we were disturbing them.

Let me tell you, the waterpark was SO fun! My kids literally could have spent the entire weekend stay just at the (inside!) waterpark. There were 2 slides – 1 completely in the dark which you slide down on a tube in and the other was one you just slide down. There were mini toddler slides. A surprisingly long lazy river. A wading pool area, a larger lap pool, and even an outdoor pool area. In fact there was even a specially equipped area for handicapped wheelchair bound people to be situated down into the pool which I thought was pretty awesome. We of course spent every single day at the indoor waterpark! There were tons of lifeguards monitoring every area of the pools and slides so it felt very safe. And not only that but there was a huge room next to the pool that looked like a clinic for injuries which I was pretty impressed with. This may sound silly but aside from the AMAZING waterpark my favorite feature was….. the HEATED towels! Yes, there was a huge container of heated towels to dry off and warm up with when you were done swimming!! My kids just couldn’t get enough of the waterpark area. They begged to go constantly and were sad when we left!

Although there was no complimentary breakfast we found that it was very reasonable to eat at the hotel. I think our large pizza cost around $13! The wi-fi was free, although I found it difficult to use at nights. The room itself was plenty big enough for our family of 4 and had 2 sinks (1 inside the bathroom and 1 outside) which was nice when getting the kids ready for bed. Overall our family would 100% go again. When we do go back to Branson I know exactly where we are staying – at the Castle Rock Resort & Waterpark!