Getting Fine Art with @GalleryDirect

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved fine art. One of the highlights I can remember was going to the Art Museum in Palm Beach, Florida and I just fell in love. I still love art as an adult, but once I finally realized how money worked and all, I saw just how expensive art was. At least the art that I would personally want in my home. But just because original art is expensive doesn't mean I can't have replicas for much less. And luckily I was able to check out Gallery Direct where they sell gorgeous art for a fraction of the price.

Since I just repainted the area where my birds live, I wanted to find a big beautiful picture to go on the wall because it's huge and completely empty. And since I've loved Van Gogh since my teenage years, I picked out Cafe Terrace at Night. The size was Medium and with my gorgeous matting and frame, it came to $102. Seriously, you can't beat that price, especially considering that a Medium is pretty big.

Here's the beautiful picture in the bird area. I think it fits perfectly especially since the entire room is decorated in French items. You can also see just how big the picture is too. It's honestly huge and I love how much room it takes up on the wall. It's a conversation piece and it's the first thing you notice when you walk into the bird area now.

And I'm not the only one who loves fine art in the house now...

And a few more decided to join the world of art lovers too...

Would you like to win a beautiful piece of art from Gallery Direct? One winner will get a code for a piece of art of their choosing up to $130.