Brainfood Learning's Fascinating World of Birds

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Living in a house with eleven birds pretty much makes us very aware of the habits of birds and their characteristics. So when we were able to review a fun DVD from Brainfood Learning called the Fascinating World of Birds, I knew I had to share it with Mary for science one day. Even though Mary isn't as big a bird lover as I am, she still wanted to watch it and I was surprised that she sat still for the entire show.

The Fascinating World of Birds DVD ($14.99) is appropriate for all ages, but is targeted for ages 3-11. The 45 minute DVD begins with a brief introduction to birds and then goes on to explore ten different kinds of birds in more detail.

The ten kinds of birds that you will encounter and learn about are:
  • Ostriches 
  • Penguins 
  • Canada Geese 
  • Eagles 
  • Hummingbirds 
  • Woodpeckers 
  • Macaws 
  • Pelicans 
  • American Robins 
  • Owls

The DVD wraps up with four separate review sections that help reinforce the information presented in the DVD. The review sections are as follows:

  • Review #1: Review Your Birds - a picture is shown of each of the birds highlighted in the DVD and the viewer is to give the name of the bird. 
  • Review #2: Features of a Bird - seven features of birds are reviewed by the narrator. 
  • Review #3: Review Bird Facts - ten multiple choice questions are asked about birds. 
  • Review #4: Review the Big Words - eleven multiple choice questions are asked to review the vocabulary presented in the DVD.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well this DVD was made. Even the live action footage and still images were gorgeous. Mary had a blast watching it and she was even able to answer most of the review questions by herself which impressed me. The video is about an hour long so it's the perfect length for a science class. Plus afterwards since we have so many birds, Mary began to study our birds because she wanted to learn even more.

Here's a little preview of the movie so you can see just how great it is:

Overall I totally loved this DVD and can't wait to watch the rest in the Fascinating World of Series!