I'm a Diet Coke Ambassador! #MyDietCoke

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When I was growing up, there was something that was seriously always around the house. So much in fact that both of my parents always had one in their hands wherever they went. You guessed it, Diet Coke. My mom started drinking Diet Coke when I was a kid and still does in fact. My dad ended up picking up the habit from her and even had a mini fridge put in next to his chair in the dining room that was stocked with two things: jalapeno peppers and Diet Coke. Seriously, my parents had a bit of an obsession.

As I grew up, I started to love Coke like it was nobody's business. But my mom is a die hard Diet Coke fan so now that I have been accepted as a Diet Coke Ambassador, she's going to be a guinea pig with me on trying new Diet Coke products and checking out everything about them!

Some fun facts about Diet Coke:

• Diet Coke has no calories!
• At 30 years young, Diet Coke still looks great
• It’s the #1 diet carbonated beverage on the market

Here's a picture of my mom just so you know what a Diet Coke freak looks like! Forget the fact that Mary is sitting next to her, the only reason she's happy is that she a Diet Coke on the table. Want to make my mom smile? Give her a case of Diet Coke and she'll be your best friend.

So be sure to follow our ambassadorship with Diet Coke to learn more about them!