MagicBlox - Your Kid's Book Library

Mary has a lot of books on her bookshelf but she goes through them so quickly that it's hard to go out and find her new ones. She pretty much devours books and since we home-school, it's hard for me to keep up with her learning so quickly! So to help her along, I like to look for sites online that benefit her education and also keep her having fun.

MagicBlox is a great new site that you can sign up on to let your kids read books on monthly. Right now there are three levels of participation. The first level is the Ladybug which lets your child read one book a month for free. The second level is the Book Worm level and that lets your child read 5 books a month for $2.99. And the third level is the Butterfly and that lets your child read unlimited books a month for $3.99. I think this is an amazing deal, especially considering how much one brand new book costs in the store.

This month Mary ended up picking out Little Penguin Learns to Swim and we both loved it.

The story starts off with Little Penguin being scared to learn how to swim. At first he meets his friend Little Bird who is learning how to fly. Little Bird shows him he's not scared to learn and after a few tries, he gets off the ground. Next Little Penguin meets Little Seal who is learning to fish. He also shows Little Penguin that he's not scared and eventually catches a fish. Then Little Penguin meets Little Whale who is learning to jump. He shows Little Penguin that he's not scared to learn something new and makes a big jump out of the water. So finally Little Penguin sees all his friends learning new things but not being scared so he tries to swim himself.

I love the fact that the story teaches kids not to be afraid to try something new. Mary struggles with this daily and I help her as much as I can, but sometimes a book helps a child relate better. I also loved how the pictures were beautiful and captivating. They caught my attention and really made me feel like I was in the arctic!

I honestly couldn't find anything wrong with the book at all. The story line was fun and imaginative for kids, plus it taught them an important life lesson. And the pictures were fantastic and held Mary's attention throughout the story. It's always nice to find a kid's book that has a purpose and this one really does.

So if you think your kids would like to read titles like this one every month, try out MagicBlox. It's well worth it and it's keeps your kids interested in reading!