Christianity Cove Home-school Reviews

During Bible lessons, I love to get hands on with Mary so when I had the chance to review Christianity Cove, I was excited to try out their products. I was fortunate enough to receive two products, Bible Science Experiments and Make and Take Bible Crafts. I really liked how these lessons can be used for Sunday school or for home-school so they are very versatile.

Christianity Cove actually offers much more than Sunday School materials. They also offer games, experiments, crafts, skits, object lessons and other creative ideas to help children learn and understand the Bible better. They have everything you need to engage a group of kids in learning about God's Word, whether at church or at home.
The first product we reviewed was the Bible Science which was very easy for me to use with Mary. During Bible time, I found find an experiment that I already had all the materials for and the planning was all done. All you needed was to get the supplies for everything.

The lessons are very short and are very easy to do. They are more like demonstrations instead of experiments though, but they all do a great job in showing us that God's laws are in scientific laws too.

How we used it was as a filler to our lessons since they are short You couldn't use these as a complete lesson because they will only take you about 10 minutes to do each. So each day I picked a new lesson to do and Mary enjoyed that they were hands on and easy enough for her to do.

The last product we received was the Make and Take Bible Crafts. This book provides everything you need for teaching Bible lessons. The 144 pages are written for Sunday School teachers to use with their classes but also can be used for home-school too. It provides detailed instructions for how to make the crafts, supply lists, and pictures of crafts that correspond with Bible Stories. Also included are the scriptural references and story segments that are simple to read and are word-for-word from scripture. It is laid out by presenting Old Testament story accounts in one section and New Testament accounts in another. There are 47 crafts and story combos: 20 Old Testament crafts and stories 20 New Testament crafts and stories, and 7 lessons to teach Christian values, such as:

"Blessed Are" - Sermon on the Mount
Fruits of the Spirit Love (Corinthians 13)
The Ten Commandments
Sower & the Seeds
Names for Christ
Armor of God

Each craft is intended to take 20 minutes or less to complete and there is minimal planning at all. What I really liked about the crafts was that they didn't have strange materials needed. Everything was pretty simple and straight forward. Plus since they don't take real long to make, it holds kids attentions better. Mary has a short attention span so it was easier for her to learn. We were able to do an experiment once a week so far because I usually don't have a lot of supplies lying around the house so it takes me time to get them. But other than that, I was impressed that the crafts were easy, fun and taught Mary about God.

Make and Take Bible Crafts sells for $29.00 and includes 47 crafts. Bible Science Experiments sells for $25.00 and includes 25 experiments.

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