Why We Love The Berenstain Bears

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If anyone is old enough to remember the lovable and precious show that came on in the 80's called the Berenstain Bears, then you know it's probably one of the best shows to ever come out for kids. Not only are the story lines realistic, but the characters are endearing and in each show the kids learn a valuable life lesson.  Recently we received three great Berenstain Bear Sets as a part of our Phase 4 Films Ambassadorship and I can't tell you how excited I was to receive them. I grew up watching The Berenstain Bears and now that I'm a mother, I can say that I love owning this show.

With some kids shows that Mary 'tries' to watch, I sit down and scratch my head because they're pointless. Mostly kids shows today consist of kids being smarter than the parents, hard to believe plot lines, and absolutely no moral or life lesson at all. So it was a refreshing change to show Mary The Berenstain Bears and see how she liked it.

We received three great sets with over eight hours of Berenstain Bears episodes combined so these sets kept her busy for days. And for about a week straight, this was all she watched too. No other show, at all. And I loved to hear all the lessons she learned from these great DVD's!

Along with the DVD's, she also received a sister and brother plush too which have gone everywhere with her recently. So much in fact that I can't even find brother at the moment!

Here is an episode from the new 2003 series that has just come out on DVD that we received. If you've never seen The Berenstain Bears, you're certainly missing out on something great. It's the perfect show to let your kids watch because they'll learn a lot in the short time span that they're on.

And if you're wanting to check out the sets we received, we got the Golden Brother and Golden Sister edition as well as the Berenstain Bears 50th Anniversary 3 DVD Set. All will be sold exclusively at Walmart this May!