National Learn to Swim Day is May 18

"I am a Swimways Ambassador and have received products to help teach Mary how to swim."

National Learn to Swim Day is taking place on Saturday, May 18, 2013! Dedicated to educating parents and children about water safety, National Learn to Swim Day is an opportunity for families to learn about the importance and benefits of learning to swim before Memorial Day Weekend and the start of summer.

Mary turns six years old this year but she still doesn't know how to swim. Mostly because we're very protective of her and also because we go swimming at the lake in our local National Park. But this year we've decided that it's time to finally teach her to swim. It's a little scary for me because I still see her like my little baby but I know she needs to learn.

Swimways encourages families nationwide to participate in National Learn to Swim Day in their own way, whether that means enrolling children in local swimming instruction, hosting a group swimming lesson, or discovering the tools that Swimways provides families, including its Swim Steps learn-to-swim program and online water safety resources available on Swimways’ dedicated Swim Steps website The resources on this site are very helpful for both parents and kids when it comes to learning how to swim. In addition to the resources on the site, families will be able to download an event guide, poster, coloring sheets and accomplishment certificates there too.

In any body of water, there's a risk for drowning so it's smart to educate yourself and your kids about the risks. Make sure they're water ready and be with them every step of the way.

Do your kids know how to swim yet? What age do you think is old enough to learn how to swim?