My First Month with a Karina Dress

I am a Karina Brand Ambassador and receive a dress every month in exchange for a review. This post may contain affiliate links

I'm a lover of fashion like any other woman but my fashion sense is a bit different in the sense that I only wear dresses and skirts on a daily basis. I've mentioned this many times in previous posts, but it's because of a mix of religious reasons and also the fact that I feel most feminine in a dress or skirt. So I'm proud to announce that I'm a brand ambassador for Karina dresses and every month I will be showcasing a new dress for you!

For the month of May, I wanted to review something that really showed who I was as a person. So the dress I picked was the Clara and the pattern was Peacock. Because what better dress for a bird lady to have than one adorned with feathers?

I paired the dress with a polo undershirt, white leggings, a black belt, black pointed flats, and an owl necklace. I personally think it came out amazing and the dress was so comfortable that I couldn't believe it! It  also had a great flow to it too!

Here's a closeup of the material and pattern so you can see it better.

Overall I'm extremely impressed so far. And that's a lot coming from me because I am very picky when it comes to dresses and skirts. The dress fit perfectly and hugged my curves in all the best places too. Plus it was so comfortable, I wanted to wear it to bed. Seriously though, I really did. I almost fell asleep in it!

So if you're in the market for a new dress, I would suggest Karina because they have amazing products.