Why the Mombo is an Amazing Choice for Breastfeeding Moms @ComfortHarmony

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When I was pregnant with Mary, I wanted to do everything I could to make sure I could take the best care of her. What newly pregnant mom wouldn't want to give her child only the best? So along with my husband, we went down to Babies R Us one day and stocked up on everything we needed. I'll never forget how fun that day was, especially because Mary was our first and only child. Walking around and looking at all the baby products never meant so much before then! Especially when we saw all the little clothes and "oood" and "aahhhed" at them all day.
While we were in the food section, I remember looking at the nursing pillow selection they had because I wasn't sure if I would nurse just yet. One in particular I remember seeing was the Mombo and it impressed me enough to want to nurse. I was never comfortable with the idea of nursing at all but the mombo pillow seemed to make the entire experience a bit more pleasant. I also liked that you could use the mombo as a relaxing device for the baby too since it can vibrate. I know Mary had a vibrating chair and that always lulled her to sleep so I know the mombo would be very soothing.
Did you know that the mombo has two sides to it? The front side is the firm side which is used for feeding and then just flip it over to the soft side for lounging. Also, they came up with a genius idea of being able to change the slipcover of the mombo too because everyone remembers the lovely projectile spit wads you'll get with an infant!
Personally, it was my decision not to breastfeed only because I was very uncomfortable about it. But I applaud women who are open enough to do it with their children. I just never could see myself doing it and preferred a bottle 10 to 1. If you're going to breastfeed or are currently, you should really check out the mombo products because they really are amazing. Plus they are decently priced as well! Mombo products are currently available in Toys R Us and Babies R Us so the next time you're heading over to one, make sure to check out the selection they have.

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