How to #CelebrateDad with @WorldMarket Goodies!

I am a World Market Ambassador and received a gift card to buy the items to review. This post may contain affiliate links

My husband has to be one of the hardest people to shop for, especially for Father's Day. He's a very picky person by nature plus he doesn't do much of the normal guy stuff like BBQ or even drink. So when it comes to buying him gifts, you have to think outside the box. Usually when I go to the store to get him something, I always like to look at the gift baskets but most of the time there's nothing in them that would suit him at all. And most years I get super frustrated with the entire situation. For me, it's easy to get a gift. Buy me something that deals with birds and you'll have a happy camper. But for my husband, you have to consult a therapist beforehand!

This year, I wanted to make my husband's Father's Day one of the best so I sat down and thought about exactly what he likes. And that's when it hit me. My husband LOVES to cook, especially with mixes and different items. So for his Father's Day, I decided to make him homemade food baskets from World Market's amazing selection of foreign foods!

World Market has a huge selection of foods so I went through every last one of them to make sure I got things my husband would actually enjoy. When everything came, I put them in gift baskets and hid them so when Father's Day comes around, he'll be surprised at everything!

Here's a few closeups of the baskets so you can see the things I was able to find. Since he loves to cook so much, I picked a lot of items that were either mixes or ingredients to recipes he can make.

And here's the second basket full of even more stuff! I don't know about you, but I'm sure curious about the stuff he'll be making once he gets this!

Since it's not Father's Day yet, hubby hasn't had a chance to get this stuff yet. So make sure to come back after Father's Day to see the cooking section of what he's whipped up! And if you're still looking for some amazing Father's Day gifts, check out World Market!

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