Challenging Kids With a Twist @cwisting @cwistmom

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Have you ever wanted to give your kids fun challenges that stimulate them? Recently I had the chance to check out Cwist which is a place to let your kids learn and do projects to earn something they want. This is absolutely perfect for a home-schooler like me because you can make your kids get interested in learning more! And you can reward them when they complete the tasks you assign to them too. The process is so fun and easy it almost makes you wish you were a kid again too!

When you sign up, you pick the Cwists you want your kids to complete. Like for example, it has 529 cwists available and it tells you the age for each one. If you like the activity, then you assign it to your child to do.  You can assign as many as you want to your kids too.

Next you let your kid pick out the things they would like for a prize. They currently have 2680 different things to pick from and all of them are fun but also educational which is great! Then once your kids make wish list, you simply combine the activity they need to do to the wish they can get and you have a cwist!

Here is Mary's cwist that I made for her so you can see what I mean. I want her to do the Do-Re-Mi Splash activity in order to start earning to the baby grand piano she wants so badly. And in the dashboard, you can see how much your child is earned towards the prize too.

Overall I think Cwist is a great way to stimulate kids to learn more and I love how the prizes they can work for are also educational too. I know I'll be using this a lot in home-school so Mary can branch off of what she learns during the day.