Sparking a New Way to Shop at Walmart

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Are you ever fascinated by Pinterest and just want to see and know more? I love looking through Pinterest to see what really sparks my interest. And speaking of sparks, the newest trend in Walmart shopping online is the Spark Studio! The Spark Studio is a place where you can shop at Walmart by things that have been recently pinned on Pinterest! You can even sort by color, brand and the top pinned items.

Here's a few of my favorite items that I found and how I fell in love with them!

The Little Tikes Cozy Truck is on sale right now for only $74.99 at! And how can such a cute toy be able to be passed by?
I've been wanting a bike for a long time and this beautiful Huffy's Women's Cruiser fits me just right in style and look! And for $129.97, that's a great deal for an amazing brand!

I love the colors in this quilt set and for $59.97, I would buy it to go with my bedroom! And what's even better is I was able to find it by searching for blue items in Spark!

Using Spark when you're buying stuff on is an amazing new way to find cute and unknown things! Let's face it - the internet is big so finding exactly what you're looking for is sometimes a challenge. Why not use Spark and have some fun!