A Tribute to My Dad #ForAllYouLove

When I was growing up, my dad was my best friend. I think all little girls go through that at some point or another. Of course when I was very little, I was partial to my mom but as I got older, I found that my dad and I have much more in common. Who would have known that he would have liked musical theater just as much as me? He was the one who took me to my first Broadway show and made me realize that one day I wanted to be up there. And he was also the one who sat in the front row of that packed theater and handed me a bouquet of red roses when I took my bow at my first Broadway performance when I was fourteen. I'll never forget how much my dad pushed me to be all I could be. So this is for you dad, for all the things you did for me and how I will never forget:

"I remember sitting on your lap when I was very young and how you used to bounce me up and down. I remember how you taught me how to swim and how I used to ride on your back in the pool. When we went to the park, you caught butterflies with me and showed me how to care for them. You pushed me on the swings even when your arms probably hurt! You worked so hard to make sure I could get a good education. You sent me to a private school even when we couldn't afford it. You pushed me to get good grades and were so proud when I came home with A's. You were there for every award ceremony with the widest smile there. You drove me to every musical rehearsal and practice even when you were tired. You were there at my first audition when I was thirteen and saw me get accepted into my first Broadway show. And for every show after that, you were in the first row and were always the first one to stand up and applaud. You gave me flowers after every performance. And you put up with me practicing my songs in the house all night. You told me I was beautiful in my costumes even when sometimes I felt silly. And you listened to Phantom of the Opera for over a year when I had to learn my lines! You came to photo shoots with me and even got in on one! And we went to musicals together when I was off from practice. You taught me to drive and I jumped in your arms when I got my licence. And you helped me with my homework when I didn't understand. You gave me love and support for many years and I'll never forget it. So thank you dad for everything you've ever done for me and I just wanted to say I love you."

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Do you want to make someone you love feel special? Telling them you love them is always the first step! Sometimes the littlest things will make someone very happy.