Keeping Your Children Safe

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See this little face? This is why I wake up in the morning and work at home. So I can be with her every minute of every day. But life wasn't always this simple. Especially not when she first came home!

Most first time parents have no idea what life is going to be like after kids. I sure didn't and neither did my husband. As an only child, I had never been around small children before and didn't even know how to change a diaper, let alone feed a crying baby. So coming home from the hospital was a huge wake up call. Especially since I only had bought one box of diapers when I was pregnant and never even bought formula!

But after a while, I was able to adjust and motherhood came naturally to me. But there was still the hurdle of figuring out the car seat dilemma. Since we had never had children before, my husband and I had no idea what car seat to buy for our daughter when we were pregnant. We went to a lot of different stores and saw a lot of different choices but the car seat that stood out the most was the Britax. We loved all the different choices that Britax gave us but we chose one for Mary because they are extremely safe. The Britax Frontier is the best choice as far as crash safety and the Britax Marathon is the best choice if you want two seats in one for a growing child.

In all their seats, Britax has outdone themselves and always has. Mary's first car seat ended up being a Britax because it was a brand I trusted and still trust.

You can never be too safe with your kids and that's why I make sure to take care of Mary the best way I can.