The @Clorox #Icktionary Knows All About Messes

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 As a mother, there are some days where I honestly have to shake my head and wonder. And most of those days involve Mary getting into or doing something she shouldn't. I think most moms can relate to this. Like the time Mary was taking a bath and she decided to flood my entire bathroom floor. And I would have never known until I was passing by the bathroom and the carpet outside was soaked! Her simple answer to the flood- "I was washing the floor for you."

Another time Mary made a huge mess was when she decided to get chocolate out of the fridge without help. So she got the chocolate out but declined to tell anyone she dropped a trail behind her while going to the living room which has tan carpeting. So since no one knew she dropped the chocolate, it had ample time to melt into my carpets which it did - in trail form. And I didn't find out until I stepped into a gooey mess on my carpets.

And who can forget about the toilet paper mess? Mary for some reason can't roll up toilet paper so when she tries, she ends up unrolling it all and it gets everywhere. So my living room, bathroom, and bedroom end up being in a cocoon of toilet paper.

Has your kid ever thrown up in the car? Mary has and it wasn't pretty. And if you make that car a brand new rental with no napkins in it, and being on a road that has no pull off or restroom access, you have a great big mess on your hands.

But out of all these messes, one takes the cake the most and it happened about a month ago. One night before going to bed, our plumbing decided to take a holiday. Apparently our septic tank needed work because the bathroom and laundry room drain was backed completely up. So I made sure to tell everyone to leave it all alone until the morning when the workmen would come. And to remember not to flush anything! Well, Mary decided to use the bathroom. And it wasn't number one either. And of course, being the five year old she is, she flushed afterwards. Well, it wasn't until my husband went to the laundry room did he noticed something was shooting out of the drain pipe on the floor. And it was sewage...

I had my husband clean up that lovely mess that night. So with all these messes, I'm definitely not the only mom to have gone through these horrifying stories of yuck. That's why Clorox made the Icktionary. The Clorox® Ick-tionary captures the icky every-day and over-the-top situations that everyone can relate to; from circumstances surrounding the unpleasantness of poop and pee to things like applesauce on the ceiling. Starting April 2, visit to see the collection of the Clorox® Ick-tionary words, add your own and see how Clorox® can help clean up the ick so you can laugh about it later.

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One of my personal words will also be included in the Clorox Icktionary! 
"Farsthunken (far - stunk - en): A rotting smell - usually like a diaper that needs to be changed!"

So make sure to check out the Clorox Icktionary on April 2 for all the fun words from other moms who have had messes like yours!

“This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Clorox blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here.”