Eshakti Keeps You Modest

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Like most women, I love to wear dresses. But there's a huge difference in me and other women. And that's the fact that I wear either a dress or a skirt every single day no matter the season. Why? Because my religion restricts me to it and frankly, I don't mind. I never was very big on pants or shorts at all so only wearing a dress or skirt just makes me feel a lot more feminine. And since I can't wear makeup because of allergies, wearing dresses or skirts makes me feel more like a woman.

I've been working with a lot of different clothing companies for years but one of my favorites is Eshakti because they customize your clothes. And the entire process is so easy you wouldn't even believe me unless I showed you.

When you find the item you like, you simply scroll down and you have 3 steps. The first one is either picking a standard size or putting in a custom size for a perfect fit. Step 2 is selecting your height so they can make sure it will fit tailored to you. And then Step 3 lets you change the sleeve length or dress length according to what you prefer. Like, I don't like sleeveless dresses so I change mine to have cap sleeves. You can also remove pockets if you don't like them too.

These are the two dresses I reviewed for Spring. The first one was a very sweet polka dot dress that I added cap sleeves to since it was originally sleeveless. I also paired it with white leggings since it was a bit shorter than my liking. The second dress was a perfect fit for me since it's completely covered in ducks! For this one, I didn't have to customize anything because I loved it just the way it was.

Eshakti specializes in 50s inspired clothing and that's a huge reason why I love them so much. Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything vintage so that's why I've been shopping at Eshakti for over 3 years.