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When was the last time you changed your air filter in your car? Do you even know cars have air filters? I honestly don't know anything about cars except how to drive them and put gas in them. When something goes wrong, the manual is my friend and my emergency roadside service is my best friend. So why did I take it upon myself to actually get an air filter today and change it myself? Because I wanted to see if I could and my car's air really stinks!

This is my precious minivan. I vowed when I first had Mary I would never become a "soccer mom" driving a minivan, but after I hit my head on the roof of my sedan one too many times, I traded it in for something bigger. And that's when I fell in love with my van. Plus, this van is NOT like something your mom would have had either with all it's fixings.

Since I love my van so much, I want to take care of it the best I can and that means keeping the air fresh inside. And lately, it's been terrible. I mostly blame the pollen because everything is covered in green powder outside right now. Just look at the top of the car. It's covered! I have terrible allergies so I knew my filter probably needed a change with everything in the air.

After I figured out where the air filter even goes, thanks to FRAM Fresh Breeze's website instruction video, I left to get my new filter! I ended up parking in the Auto Center so I didn't have to walk so far!

Once I got inside, I found the air filter aisle with the FRAM Fresh Breeze catalog. The catalog really made it so much easier to find my filter since they had a bunch of them on the shelf!

With the help of the awesome catalog, I found my air filter with ease. FRAM Fresh Breeze has Arm and Hammer Baking Soda in it to help preserve freshness in your car which is a must for any allergy sufferer year round! Now I was ready to go and put it in all by myself!

When I got home, I found the place where the filter needed to go. See how gross all the pollen is around it? The air inside your car can be dirtier than the outside air and now I believe it after seeing this!

When I opened up the air filter cabin, I finally solved the mystery on why my air has been so disgusting lately. I had no air filter in at all! It was completely empty! And I just had my van worked on too! Someone must have forgot to put the new one in so I'm so glad I did this shop!

To install the filter, I took it out of the packaging and put it in with the writing facing me. Then I simply pressed down a bit to keep it secure and that was it! Then I closed up the filter chamber and I was done!

Now my minivan will be smelling great again in no time thanks to FRAM! On the box, it recommends that you change your air filter once or twice a year. To help remind myself, I'm going to do it every time I get the oil changed because it will be around the same time.

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And if you're looking to get some new air filters, FRAM has a mail in rebate going on right now so what better time to change them out?

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