Chicco Car Seats Are the New Way to Be Safe

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Do you remember having your first child? When I had Mary, I had no idea about anything for babies. I didn't even know how to change a diaper so my hospital nurse had to show me! I was never around kids when I was younger and since I had never even babysat, I was completely in the dark. So it was no surprise that I didn't know anything about car seats either and that was dangerous. I thought all baby car seats were pretty much the same so when I bought one, I just kept it in the box until the day I went to the hospital.

When I was in the hospital, my husband was the one who put the car seat in the car and he had a terrible time with it. With all the belts, loops and clasps he could barely figure it out. I don't even think he had it right when we drove home with Mary for the first time. So finally I ended up trying to figure it out myself and we got the hang of it, but it took a while.

Sometimes I think car seats are made complicated on purpose, but Chicco isn't. Just check one of their newest seats, the NextFit Gravity.

On the bottom of the seat, it gives you numbers and rules to follow so you don't have a bunch of confusing instructions. I wish I had gotten a Chicco car seat when I was pregnant! You can actually install this seat yourself without needing to go to a fire station too!

The new NextFit fits your kid from 5 lbs to 65 lbs too so it's a seat that grows with your baby.

Mary literally just grew out of her convertible car seat which actually made me so happy because her old seat was impossible. This is the new seat she sits on and it's simple enough even for me!

But if she was still within the weight limit, I would have her in a Chicco seat right now. They are so safe and so easy for parents to figure out! I also love that they have the Super Cinch latch tightener which helps you get a tight and secure fit with no muscles required! I remember tugging and pulling on Mary's baby seat to get it to be tight so this would have been a wonder for me!

So if you want to keep your baby safe, I would suggest the Chicco NextFit car seats. Accidents happen so easily and you don't want it to be because of a car seat installed incorrectly. It's a scary thing to think that something could happen because of not having a car seat in the car correctly so always make sure to take all the necessary precautions.

Last year we wanted to do something special with Mary so we took her on a car trip back to the hospital she was born in. But there was one difference in leaving the hospital that time. Her car seat was installed correctly!

You always want to do everything you can to keep your kids safe so making sure their car seats are in correctly is the first step!

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