Having a Blast @Buildabear

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The other day, we headed up on to our local Build A Bear to make Mary a new friend. The special going on was the My Little Pony animals they had in, but of course, Mary being stubborn wanted to pick her own friend.

Mary chose a beautiful white cat to be her new friend so we took it on over to get it stuffed. She had a lot of fun pushing the pedal to get it all stuffed up too!

Afterwards, Mary picked out her heart and did the special routine for making sure her kitty would have a great loving home. Then she stuffed it in the back of the kitty and her helper went to sew her back up!

Next it was bathtime to make sure her new kitty was completely ready to go home all clean. Mary had a lot of fun brushing out her fur!

Then she headed on over to the computer to plug in all her information for her new kitty cat, Emily. Of course, I helped with this since she can't spell yet!

Overall our experience with Build A Bear was very fun! We haven't been to one in over 3 years so this time Mary really will remember everything! And a big thanks to Build A Bear for providing me with a gift card to make this day possible!