Counting in Italian the Easy Way

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As a Little Pim ambassador, I get to review fun things each month to  help Mary learn. This month Mary reviewed the the I Can Count DVD in Italian!

My mother is Italian and when I was growing up, I heard a few phrases and words around the house. And when I was around my grandparents, I heard even more. My great grandmother actually came to America from Sicily back in the 30's so learning Italian sounded like a great way to help show Mary a little bit more about her heritage.

The DVD was all about learning how to count different things in Italian. While watching it, Mary instantly picked up the counting and how she can count in Italian along with in Hebrew, Spanish and English. All of this is just from watching Little Pim often! I enjoyed watching the DVD with her too and for my sake, I kept subtitles on this time so I could pause and translate for her since she can't read just yet.

The counting DVD was great because it taught Mary in a repetitive way how to count different things like animals and even food in Italian. Along with counting, you also learned 60 words and phrases in Italian too like parts of the body. I watched along with Mary because I think Italian is a beautiful language and I have always wanted to learn it too!

Even though it's very hard to take good pictures of a television program, I wanted to show you how Mary interacts with Little Pim. Throughout the entire show, she's focused on it and listens. The characters help Mary learn while she thinks she just having fun! And in homeschool the next day when I asked her to count something, she automatically did it in Italian which impressed me.

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