Chuck E Cheese Say Cheese App and Giveaway

The other week, we had a special treat for Mary and took her up to Chuck E Cheese for a day of fun and pizza! She loves going to our Chuck E Cheese, especially because we take her in the middle of the day and she has the place to herself!

After we ordered our pizza and got the sodas, Mary decided she wanted to go play some games and have fun while we were waiting! One of the fun things to do at Chuck E Cheese now is use their new Say Cheese App that let's you take pictures with Chuck E Cheese himself!

Just to show you a sample of how the app works, there are signs all throughout Chuck E Cheese like this one and you simply point your camera phone to it after downloading the free app. Then Chuck E Cheese pops out and takes a picture with you!

After a few candid shots of Mary with Chuck E Cheese, she started picking her rides. She absolutely loves this one with Chuck E Cheese in it!

By this time our pizza was on the table, but it's kind of hard dragging a five year old off rides! So Mary did a few more and then we went to chow down!

There's something about Chuck E Cheese pizza that just tastes so good! I originally got a salad with my husband but then I ended up sneaking some slices too!

After eating our pizza, Mary started playing some games to win her tickets! I play the games along with her too because I'm like a big kid in Chuck E Cheese. I play more games than her!

We even had a water fight! Notice how my tongue is sticking out of my mouth. I was seriously determined to win at this one!

After playing a bunch of games and winning hundreds of tickets, Mary went back to a few rides before it was time to leave. This new monster truck was a lot of fun!

Finally, Mary rode Clifford before we left for the day, full and happy! Our Chuck E Cheese day was a bunch of fun and we can't wait to go back!

If you want to learn how about the Chuck E Cheese App, check out this instructional video one how to download and use it!

Would you like to go to Chuck E Cheese and have some fun with the kids? Two winners will each win a pass for Chuck E Cheese that includes 1 free pizza, 4 sodas, and 30 game tokens!