Some of Our New Favorite Books

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Mary loves to read so it's fun when we get a new pack of books in the mail to read with her. Right now we usually only buy her Jewish kids books so she can learn a little more about who we are. And since Jewish books are far and wide, it's a big deal when we get a lovely new pack to review! So every season, we get books from Karben publishing to check out and share with you!

Mrs. Spiegel loves her two cats while her grumpy neighbor, Mr. Modiano claims they are useless but when Ketzie goes missing, it is Mr. Modiano who searches the streets of Tel Aviv all night to find her.

The Cats on Ben Yehuda Street is an adorable story about how even the grumpiest of people can have a good heart deep deep down. I loved the moral to the story and it's a perfect addition to Mary's bookshelf.

Hoping to avoid taking a bath, Max tells his mother about camp, where cleanliness comes from swimming and water balloon fights until Friday evening, when each camper takes a shower to prepare for Shabbat.

Mary really enjoyed this book because she used to hate baths when she was little. She had a lot of fun reading it, mostly because she can't wait until she's old enough to go to camp one day! This was a very cute story about how kids will always love to be dirty!

3. Stones for Grandpa
After a year of missing his grandfather and remembering things they did together, a young boy and his family unveil Grandpa's tombstone, place stones on it, and share stories, knowing the memories will never be lost.

Stones for Grandpa was actually a sad story for Mary because she's too young to understand about death, but for children going through this, this story would be very helpful and soothing.

Students in Israel plant wheat in the fall, watch it grow during the winter, and harvest it in the spring, threshing, winnowing, and grinding it until they have flour which, with cheese from petting zoo goats and strawberries they have grown, will make their Shavuot dessert. 

Cheesecake for Shavuot was a great way to show Mary that not everything just grows in the supermarket! I love how it showed the process of making a cheesecake and how much effort and dedication it took to finish it for Shavuot. This is a great book to show kids just how hard it is to actually grow and make your own food. It will also make them appreciate food more.