Mr. Whistlestop Likes to Get Love from Mommy


We got Mr. Whistles on February 13th and when we did, I immediately noticed that someone had abused him because he is terrified of hands or fingers. And since I am a touchy feely kind of person, I knew I had to be able to love this bird somehow. So if not with my fingers, it would have to be with something else. So I used the next best nose. And he liked it! I couldn't believe it but he actually puts his head down for love now so I filmed it for you to see!

I think all he ever needed was a little bit of love...



  1. Yes, the nose can work. I used to "nuzzle", with my nose, the Budgies I owned that did not like to be handled, or rubbed with the hand or fingers. Birds just think your nose is a beak. :)

  2. I do so enjoy the posts on your birds.



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