Having Family Time with Phase 4 Films

This past weekend we had a very nice family day thanks to Phase 4 Films! We received The Jungle Book, Horrid Henry, and a Cuisinart Popcorn Maker to have a family movie day! And what better way to watch family movies than with freshly popped natural popcorn from your own machine?

The popcorn making experience from this machine was amazing! It popped the popcorn in under 3 minutes and plus it's all natural so there's no yucky butter or fats in it!

When we finally got the DVD's playing and we ate all the popcorn before the first movie was done, we decided we needed to call in reinforcements.

Before the second movie even got a chance to start, we had a pizza delivered! Talk about a fun movie day! Mary and I both really enjoyed the movies we got to watch. She especially loved Horrid Henry because he liked to pull pranks on people!

And after our movie day was complete, I walked into Mary's room to find this:

Mary had such a fun day watching movies that she was already fast asleep. So thank you Phase 4 Films for a great family day we'll always remember!

*I am a Phase 4 Films ambassador and received the movies, the popcorn maker and a stipend for this post. This post may contain affiliate links*