I Fell Madly in Love Today

Her name is Dixie and she's at my local pet store. Of course I would have bought her if I had that much money! She was a sweetheart and just loved to talk to me! I just had to see what it felt like to have a huge bird sitting on my arm. She really was a precious baby.

Seriously, if I had a purse big enough, she would be mine right now! Anyone wanna lend me $1300?!



  1. Oh, how wonderful. I love to visit my local bird shop, so many birds, I would take them all home, if I could. I too wish I had the money for a large parrot.

  2. If I had the money, I'd give it to you in a heartbeat. What a great home she'd have and definitely be spoiled too.

  3. My older son has been asking for a bird for weeks and I have considered it but the cost is just so high. Beautiful though!

  4. What a beautiful bird. I am sure a parrot is in your future.



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