$200 VISA Gift Card Giveaway from Sweet Relish

Have you heard of Sweet Relish? It's a site like Pinterest, but it's for shopping. Doesn't that sound like a perfect idea?

Basically you can bookmark and save your wishlists visually. I love this idea because I'm a very visual learner. If everything was all words, I think I'd be lost!

The best part about Sweet Relish is that you can make a list of things you want and you can send it off to people! This even works with classroom needs too. You can make a list for all the items your classroom needs and send it to the parents! How easy is that?

I encourage you to get our Sweet Relish and make your own list on there of the things you want before the holidays are gone!

And since Sweet Relish is our sponsor, they're giving away a $200 VISA gift card to one lucky winner!