The Beautiful 2012 Kia Rio

For the past week, I've been able to test out the beautiful and sporty 2012 Kia Rio! And since it's got the same name as Mary's favorite movie, she was thrilled to ride in it too!

As you can see, even though it's a smaller car, it gives ample room, even in the front. It was a surprisingly comfortable ride and I loved the sporty look and feel it had to it.

The backseat is equipped with child seat belt holders which are perfect for car seats. You also have levers to pull the seats down just in case you have a lot in the trunk as well.

The trunk was a comfortable size and after taking it grocery shopping, I saw that it really does hold a lot too! I was very impressed with this.

A feature I can't live without now is the back up camera because it's perfect when you're in a parking space and can't tell what's right behind you.

Like the other three Kia's I've reviewed over this past year, the Rio has a sunroof which was a fun feature as well.

But I have to say that my overall favorite feature in this car was that it tells you just how many miles you have left until the car is out of gas. This is the most ingenious idea ever! No more guessing how far you can get down the highway until you sputter to a stop!

Also, like the Kia's, it is equipped with Sirius Radio and a GPS system. Also, notice to your right that there's a place to hold your keyless key.

Also in the Rio, you can set it on active eco mode which will help on the gas mileage too. This was helpful since we kept it on during all our trips in it.

Another clever feature is they added a small window in the blind spot so now you can see past your mirrors.

The front headlights also have LED lighting on the bottom so it helps give it that extra sporty look too.

As you can see, the car is very roomy inside. We had a very comfortable ride going over to Alabama for the day.

Just like the front, the back is very sporty and cute. The best part about the car was that it has a great pickup! This little thing can go fast!

And another bonus is that you can also see your average fuel economy as well. And for all my trips, I was getting an average of 38 miles to the gallon!

Overall I'm extremely impressed with the Rio. I found myself just wanting to ride around in it because it's just so cute and sporty! It's a great car and our whole family loved it!

Disclosure: I received the 2012 Kia Rio for one week to test and then I gave it back.