What to Bring to a Hanukkah Party

In just a few days, on Saturday evening, December 8, 2012 millions of people will begin the celebration of Hanukkah, an eight day Festival of Lights ending Sunday evening, December 16, 2012. Many of us may not know what to bring to a Hanukkah party our friends or family have invited us to attend. So, what are some ideas to help you pick the right gift at the right price?

No need to panic, just breathe, now read the five ideas below and you will be sure to impress the host of the Hanukkah party without going over your holiday shopping budget. Keeping in the spirit of holiday savings, take a look at the following five ideas provided by Wileen Hernandez, Consumer Savings Expert from PromotionalCodes.com:

1. Wine. Bringing wine to a party is a great idea. Now, if you are attending a kosher Hanukkah party, make sure to bring a bottle of kosher wine, rather than just the traditional Manischewitz.

2. Dreidel and Gelt. This isn’t just for the kids to play. Children and adults can play games with a dreidel and a bag of chocholate gelt will keep everyone entertained for hours. 

3. Hanukkah themed Flowers. Share the joy of Hanukkah by bringing the host an arrangement of blue and white flowers. Flower arrangements are nice, no matter what the holiday is. You might want to visit FTD.com and take a look at the stunning Hanukkah themed arrangements.

4. Comestibles. If you are feeling adventurous you can make tasty potato pancakes called latkes, you just can’t go wrong by bringing latkes. You can also make or bring matzo ball soup; you will fall in love with this Jewish soup dumpling. Also, consider bringing cookies and decorate them with white and blue sprinkles.

5. Unusual Gifts. Are you ready to think outside the box? Amazon.com has Hanukkah golf balls, Hanukkah CDs, books by Jewish authors, books for kids, or a popular hamsa jewelry piece.
And there you have it, chag sameach and happy savings!