The Science of Sleep Conference at the 21C Hotel in Cincinnati

Our Whiskey Lullaby was invited to the Science of Sleep Conference. Our stay at the 21C Hotel in Cincinnati was complimentary. All opinions are our own.

Last month we were gracously invited to check out the Science of Sleep conference in Cincinnati. Since my husband and I both have problems sleeping, I was excited to go and find out a little bit on how to make our sleep more restful. Plus I was excited to see Cincinnati since I had never been to Ohio before.

The 21C Museum Hotel was located directly in the art district of Cincinnati. Walking downtown was a beautiful experience and it was fun to look at everything. This was actually the view from one of the hotel windows!

Inside my hotel room, I was given lots of goodies courtesy of P&G. Of course my personal favorite item was the febreze sleep serenity sets because they really help me lull to sleep!

I was also given some lovely blankets that were washed with Downy, Tide and Bounce so you can imagine just how wonderful they smelled and felt!

The room at 21C Museum Hotel was gorgeous. Along with being extremely comfortable, the bed was amazing and the bathroom was huge. Plus the bathrobe hanging up was a great touch. The room was also full of interesting and modern art as well which was fun to check out.

After lounging in my room for a bit, I decided to go have some dinner downtown. I have to say that I haven't walked a city other than Atlanta or New York City before so it was very fun to see all that Cincinnati had!

And after my dinner, I headed on over to the Science of Sleep Conference which was on the 2nd floor of the hotel.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Cincinnati and I really enjoyed seeing all it had to see. Here are some of my favorite shots from the hotel window!

A big thank you goes out to the 21C Museum Hotel in Cincinnati for extending our stay and for P&G for inviting us to their exclusive conference.



  1. looks like a really nice hotel! Hopefully it all worked out for you there

  2. What great products!! If they didn't lull you to sleep that bed looks so comfortable!

  3. Wow these look so fascinating. I want to stay there.

  4. We have only been to Seattle once and our hotel wasn't 1/2 as nice as that one. I would have slept so much better!

  5. Cincinatti is a very cool town! I went there for a concert once and wish I had stayed in as nice of a hotel as that one! I'm addicted to Bounce, so I would've been wrapped in those blankies all weekend lol.

  6. What great photos! I used to visit Cincinnati frequently as a child, but hadn't been back in years until I was there for a conference recently. I, too, loved walking around downtown, and found that the art museum was incredible, as was the bbq restaurant on the river (I can't remember the name of it).

    I'd love to hear more about what you learned about sleep--I feel like I've not slept well since I was pregnant with my first child. :)

  7. I love going to conferences and events in different cities and staying at hotels there. It's fun to walk around and explore, meet all kind of people, and generally just relax and be in the moment. Thanks for sharing! Peace

  8. That is a BEAUTIFUL hotel! I have always wanted to go to cincinatti - other than a fly through I have never been there. So jealous! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Beautiful city! Love the pics you took :)

  10. GREAT REVIEW and tons of info - Thanks

  11. What a view and experience for you. Seemed you had fun during your short stay!



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