The Hatfield and McCoy Christmas Dinner Show


We received press tickets to this event. All opinions are our own.

This past week we were in Pigeon Forge, TN enjoying the Christmas festivities. One of which was the Hatfield and McCoy Christmas Dinner Show

The show we went to was the 5pm show but it's best to get there around 4pm because they serve dinner before the show starts. When we got to our seats, we did find that the tables are very close to each other. For us, it was a little hard to get into our seats because the tables surrounding us had already been seated. We actually had to move our table over just to sit down. 

The dinner itself is all you can eat and they do bring a lot of food. One huge plus is that they cater to certain allergies. For us, my husband had a gluten free meal, I had dairy free and Mary had a vegetarian meal. I was really impressed that they even could offer this because it's hard for us all to find a place to eat that caters to us all.

During dinner, you watch some pre-show entertainment and this is the only time you can keep asking for more food if needed. Once the actual show starts, you won't see your server again until the very end so if you need anything, you won't be able to get it. They do give you an ample warning though before the servers leave the room. 

When the show starts, it truly is loud inside the theater. Mary has sensory processing issues and loud sounds make her freeze up. During the show, she couldn't eat anymore because she was having a hard time with the loudness. If you plan on seeing the show and have sensory processing issues, I would suggest bringing some headphones to help tone down the sounds.

The show itself says that it's family friendly and I would agree since it has no profanity or innuendo in it. But some of the girls are dressed too provocatively in very short shorts and knee high socks. Honestly, you can clog in pants too so the way they are dressed is just not appropriate if you believe in being conservative. 

In being honest, the best part of the show was at the end when they explained the true meaning of Christmas which they said was the birth of Jesus Christ. They even read a passage from the Bible.

Overall the show was alright but being a conservative family, we wouldn't see it again because of the way the cloggers were dressed and the alcohol being served in the theater. 


The dinner can cater to certain allergies, like gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian.

Dinner is all you can eat and you get plenty of food.

There is no profanity or innuendo used in the show.

There are a few animals in the show.

At the end, they told what the true meaning of Christmas was and read a passage from the Bible.


The tables are very close together. If you are a larger person, you might have a hard time being comfortable. 

The show is loud so if you have sensory processing issues or have problems with loud sounds, I suggest taking headphones with you.

They serve alcohol in the dining room as well if you have an ID so if you don't want people drinking around your kids while you eat, you might want to skip this show.

Some of the girls are dressed provocatively in very short shorts and knee high socks.