The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, FL

Growing up in Florida, I had the wonderful chance to see a lot of beautiful animals up close. Florida has some amazing opportunities with all their zoos, aquariums and wildlife centers. And who can forget places like SeaWorld?

As a lover of aquatic life, I've always loved going to aquariums and I still do. And one of the most beautiful ones in Florida is the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, FL.

Ranked one of the top 10 aquariums in the country and ranked one of the top 5 kid friendly aquariums, there are many wonderful experiences for families there. Exhibits include the Wetland Trail to see native Florida animals like alligators, Journey to Madagascar to see the colorful Indian Reef, Bays and Beaches for upclose experiences, the No Bones Zone where you can touch starfish, the Coral Reef, and the Ocean Commotion.

What makes this aquarium different from many is that they also offer wild dolphin tours. Being situated in South Florida helps to let visitors see wild dolphins right from their boats. They also offer some amazing swim and dive programs too. Swim with the Fishes lets you snorkel in a replica of the Dry Tortugas Coral Reef site, The Shark Swim lets you swim alongside Sand Tiger sharks and Dive with the Sharks for certified divers.

If you've never been to the Florida Aquarium, you're certainly missing out on a wonderful experience. And right now you can bid on two general admission tickets through Charity Auctions Today. All the money goes to benefit different charities and in this case of the aquarium, this auction goes to the Rotary Club of Brooksville.

So if you're planning on going to the aquarium, why not bid on the tickets to help a charity? It's a worthy cause and the auctions are super easy to bid on too.