How to Make the Most Out of Your Small Garden


Small gardens can be mighty with the right vision and clever use of space. You don’t need to have sprawling lands to have a garden worth talking about, especially when a garden’s only goal is to give you a comfortable, tranquil space to rest during good weather. You can do so much, thanks to modern innovations and smarter design choices today, so get started with your own floral journey by following this guide:

Clear Out Your Space

If your garden is currently an outright mess of weeds and perhaps construction debris, then it’s important to first clear it out entirely. Give yourself a fresh, clean slate to work with. Once you’ve done that, you can then take proper measurements and use smart tools online (and even for free) to create a winning mock-up design that you can then have a professional bring to life, or have a go at it yourself.

Block Out Spaces

While you can have your garden hugging the border of your property, this may result in a huge waste of space and potential. You’ll be better off blocking off spaces and creating natural barriers between them. For example, you can create a platform for your table and chairs and then add planters or a plant bed around the platform to add more color and texture to the center of your space.

Work Vertically

When you have a small garden, you want every inch to work harder. A great way to do just that is to install a sloped garden. Just have a look at these great sloped garden designs for inspiration. A slight hill can help you see more of your plants all at once. Not only can this be better for your plants themselves, but it can also help erase your neighbors from your view.

Use Lighting

Lighting isn’t just there to make your dining or sitting area look romantic. It can be used to help you see more of your garden, even at night. Install floor pot lights that shine light up towards your plants so that you get a soft, intimate glow that helps you see all your amazing garden additions at all times.

Work with Your House

Another great way to add more space and interest to your garden is to work alongside your property. You can install a veranda, for example, that extends right from the wall of your home. You can add lights, or hang planters, to make the exterior of your property as much an element of your garden as the back fence. You want to be able to look at all four walls of your garden and love the space.

Add Reflective Elements

If you want to make your small space feel massive, add mirrors along your fences. These mirrors will work to bounce light and the reflection of your plants to make the entire space feel like it goes on forever, even if the actual square footage is rather small.