Top 10 Spots to View a Sunrise Along the East Coast

Even though I'm not much of a morning person, there is something to be said about a gorgeous sunrise. From living on the East Coast for the vast majority of my life, I can say that I've seen some beautiful sunrises from the north in Maine and all the way down to the South in Florida.

Here are some of my most memorable sunrises from the east coast!

Growing up in Palm Beach County, FL as a teenager, I can safely say that the sunrises there were always beautiful. On the top 10 spots, Palm Beach County, FL came in at #8!

I went to Washington DC for a week's vacation back in 2000 and the sunrise over the monuments is amazing. Washington DC came in at #2 on the top 10 list.

In 2004, I vacationed in Savannah, Georgia which has an amazing sunrise all its own. Chatham County, GA came in #10.

But what had the #1 sunrise on the top 10 list? Bar Harbor, Maine of course! In Maine, the sun rises first for the entire country and their sunrise is unlike any other. I lived there when Mary was first born and there is honestly nothing like it.

Check out the entire list of the Top 10 Spots to View a Sunrise Along the East Coast for savvy travelers below and see if you've been to any!