How do we raise healthier and more mindful children?


Parents are rightfully concerned about their children. They want to pave a trail for the kids to follow and lead a happy, healthy, mindful life.

However, instilling mindfulness in children is a bit challenging, given their distractions. But as parents, we must mend ways to encourage children to take up healthier and mindful habits for their betterment.

So, here we compile a list of methods that you can use to motivate your little ones into leading a sensible and conscious life. Let’s dig in!

  1. Be a responsible role model.

They say children often copy what their parents do. So, being a good role model is on your shoulders. Instead of telling the kids to focus on reading books, do it with them. Sit together and read some books.

First, you will have to portray the behavior and routine you want them to follow, whether working out more or reducing their screen time.

Dedicate an hour or two in your routine that is fully dedicated to your family. During this time, you should all plan activities and engage in bonding activities such as family conversation, discussing individual problems, and listening to what others say.

  1. Express gratitude and pray together

Unleashing gratitude brings us closer to appreciating the little things around us. Therefore, it is significant that the kids also learn the art of expressing what they have is appreciable. Likewise, You should all pray together for family well-being and for the world to become a better place.

They should know that they can always send out prayers for the world through Wyoming Carmelites if they cannot pray alone. It will allow them to analyze things and play their part in the community.

Studies show that children who understand the significance of giving thanks for their life better understand things. They turn out to be more aware and calm than others.

  1. Plan outdoor activities with them

Many parents crib to their children about them not playing outside or being less physically active. Instead, they should plan outdoor activities with them. Be it a small soccer game or a bike ride along the beach, plan something of their interest.

You do not necessarily have to do it for hours every day, but you can also take out 15 minutes before dinner or a morning workout routine together. Some parents also consciously plan on nature activities such as bird-watching, fishing, and trekking with their children.

It opens the horizons for kids. They tend to ask questions and learn new things. Moreover, it strengthens the bond between parents and children apart from encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Final thoughts

Parenting is challenging; however, we must scrutinize how to build a happy, healthy, and conscious lifestyle for our little ones. There is no one resolution to fit every situation, but trying our various techniques will aid in shortlisting the methods that work for you and your children.

Meditation, prayer, and gratitude are some of the most effective ways to teach children to focus on the positive aspects of life. Happy parenting!