Key Home Design Trends in 2022


This year, many people are looking to improve or completely renovate some of the key rooms in their homes. 2022 is very much the year for home improvements for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the Covid-19 pandemic is sadly still with us. For the past few years, people have had restrictions on their movements and had to stay at home for extended periods. Whilst this has been less than ideal, it has provided the opportunity to take a better look at improvement work that needs to be done in and around the home. In addition, this summer is likely to be one characterised by travel chaos and general disruption brought on by international staff shortages and transport strikes taking place in several countries. As a result, many people are choosing to stay at home this summer and focus on home improvements. Here are some key design trends to brighten up your home in 2022. 

Quality is king

As a direct result of many of us choosing not to go abroad this summer, holiday budgets haven’t been spent, which provides the spending power to choose high-quality furniture in home improvement plans. Regardless of which room or rooms you are focusing on in your upgrades, a key theme is sourcing premium-quality seating, beds, or tables that both look stylish and are built with superior levels of workmanship that ensures they look good for years to come. High-end furniture suppliers such as are likely to experience surges in demand for their superior quality products as customers vote with their wallets and choose luxury designs over flat-pack furniture.

Utilizing outdoor spaces

Another outcome of recent experiences with national lockdowns and the onset of summer and staycations rising in popularity is to upgrade outdoor spaces. Key trends in 2022 include the creation of outdoor dining areas that allow us to enjoy al fresco dining in the warmer months and entertain guests in stylish surroundings. A main component of any outdoor dining plan is the creation of a raised seating area with a weather-resistant table and chairs. The raised area should ideally be constructed from treated wood that is designed to resist downpours and changes in temperature across the seasons. Pergolas are another hot design trend now that summer is finally here. Modern designs can incorporate a removable cover on the slatted roof which can both protect from summer showers and offer welcoming shade on days when the temperature is rising.

Brightly-colored accent walls

One final design trend for 2022 is the integration of a brightly colored accent wall in rooms such as the master bedroom or living room areas. Whilst modern color schemes tend to use natural tones, an abundance of white shades, and earthy tones in rooms such as the kitchen, a splash of color can do wonders when used intelligently on a key wall. If you are looking for inspiration on some wonderful accent wall designs, check out this link for a couple of great examples.