3 Tips for Being More Positive


No one wants to be a negative person. However, it’s easy to fall into a mental pit of negativity when things get stressful or harrowing. When feeling this way, life can get a bit more difficult, and we may perceive things to be worse off than they are.

Of course, being more positive isn’t an easy fix. Smiling more or trying to be more upbeat isn’t going to make you happier. Instead, there are other more substantial things that you can try to improve your mindset and feel more positive.


If you’re feeling down, angry, or upset, one of the worst things that you can do is to linger with these emotions and not share them. When you talk to someone about how you feel, it can help offload these emotions and thus make you feel a lot better.

Plus, talking about how you’re feeling gives you a better chance to truly process your emotions so that you can articulate them to someone else. Talking to your friends or family can help you be a lot more positive.

If you have a more serious mental health issue, such as depression, it may be more beneficial to talk to a professional. You can get psychological support from organizations like Change Futures. Here you’ll be able to get therapy that can help you push past any mental issues you have.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Believe it or not, your lifestyle can dictate how you feel. The foods you eat regularly can play a part in your mental function and influence your mood. For example, if you have a diet that lacks iron, you can end up feeling a lot more tired and thus irritable and have less enthusiasm for things.

Plus, if you’re not getting enough exercise, you’re missing out on endorphins and other hormones that are released during exercise that can make you feel really good.

If you’re not feeling very positive, try some light exercise and eat a healthy meal. That can be enough to make you more positive.

Positive Affirmations

When we’re feeling negative, we can say some pretty horrible things about ourselves that can affect our confidence and how we navigate the world. A useful psychological trick that you can try is engaging in positive affirmations.

This is where you talk to yourself and say things you like about yourself or things you know you can do. Many people like to do this in the morning when brushing their teeth to see themselves in the mirror. It may sound like a small thing to do, but engaging in positive self-talk can help.


Having a negative mindset can harm your life and can cause a few more difficulties. By working on some of this advice, you can make yourself feel a lot more positive, which in turn can benefit you in many different ways.

Sometimes it can be hard to feel positive, and it’s also worth noting that feeling negative is a valid emotion that is normal to feel. Although, if you want to start feeling a bit better, the above are good ways to feel more positive.