3 Unique Flavor Combinations That Will Rock Your Taste Buds


Our taste buds are tiny powerhouses that can detect the five basic tastes of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami, and everything in between.


Adventurous eaters love to seek out unique combinations of these tastes, often surprising themselves when they find the rare odd pairing that excites the mouth.


Mint and mustard, coffee and lamb, strawberries and balsamic vinegar – this is skimming the top of the list of cool food combos.


The next time you’re feeling adventurous, try one of these unique pairings.


Sweet Heat

You may think or jelly or jam and recognize it as a staple. It’s often seen the breakfast table or used in the classic lunch sandwich peanut butter and jelly.

However, if you buy pepper jelly online and give it a go it’ll change your perspective on the food.


Pepper jelly is a perfect balance of the sweet and spicy. This spread is made with a pectin or vinegar base, and has peppers, sugar, and salt within.


Pepper jelly comes in many flavors. Fruits like mangos and pineapples can be added, or flavors like bourbon and ginger garlic.


The heat level varies depending upon which type of pepper is used. You can just everything from a red pepper to an ancho chile.


Pepper jelly is very versatile when it comes to recipes. You can use it as a companion to cream cheese for dips or spreads or slather it on meatballs or the tops of burgers for a unique complimentary taste.


Honey and Cheese

Cheese is versatile: you can love it on its own or pair it with pretty much anything. This is because cheese comes in many varieties, from soft triple creams to hard-rinded Manchego.


One of the most delectable foods you can pair with this dairy is overlooked: honey.


Honey can go with just about any cheese, but it shines particularly well with goat cheese, brie, blue cheese, or any aged sharp cheese.


Honey also comes in many types. Your typical grocery store honey is fine, an amalgamation of honey from many sources with a mild taste.


Aim for artisanal honey you’ll find at farmers markets or specialty stores, as you can find varietal honey that gathers nectar from one types of flower at a time. This creates a unique flavor profile that can have things like lavender or orange blossom as an undertone.


Some gourmet shops sell honeycomb, which creates a great visual impact, especially if used on a charcuterie board with your cheese.


Chile and Chocolate

This flavor combination has been around for a long time, yet it is surprising to many who come across it.


Like pepper jelly, this is another example of “sweet heat.” When done well it’s a balance of chiles and chocolate and not just about spicing up the richly sweet favorite.


Deep chocolates can be brightened with a chile, or fruit-flavored chocolates can be paired with an herby chile to balance sweet and savory.


Both parties are rich in flavor and come in many varieties, so the pairing possibilities are endless.


You can make cinnamon chile brownies, Mexican hot chocolate, or chocolate chili.