In a Tough Spot? 4 Ideas to Generate Additional Income


There comes a time when you need to reassess because there is always too much month left at the end of the money. No matter how hard you try to penny-pinch, it’s barely enough, and this can take its toll. At this point, you’re in a tough spot. The way to get out of it when you don’t wish to or are unable to change jobs for a higher paying one is to look for alternatives. Here are four ideas that can help you generate additional income, either almost immediately or within a few months of starting.

Rent Out a Room

Depending on what country you live in and how populous the town or city is, it’s possible to offer your spare room for rent. Using a listings site allows you to provide photos of the room, set your prices, and list any security deposit that’s required. Because you’re living there too, it’s up to you to set the rules of the home. So, if you want quieter renters, mention that.

Renting out a room can be for just a few months until you find other solutions for additional income. However, if you discover that you like it, then there’s no reason to discontinue it. It will certainly help to pay off the mortgage sooner.

Use the Gig Economy

There are plenty of new roles available in the emerging gig economy. Rideshares are one possibility by driving for Uber or another similar company. If you like being on the road, but don’t like passengers sharing your ride, then delivering food or other last-mile deliveries is another option. Dog walking and scores of other options allow you to set your own hours. This is ideal when you already have a full-time job and need to work around it.

Work as a Gardener

If you’ve got green fingers, then moonlighting as a gardener for hire is another option to generate more money. Working in the garden to make the plants healthier, mow the lawn, and otherwise tidy up is better done on the weekend. Daytimes during the week are fine too, but if you work elsewhere in an office, then the weekends might be your best bet.

Freelance Online or Build Websites


Freelancing can help to produce additional income within the space of a week or two. You can find local clients, work with an agency, or sign up for a freelancing website and bid for deals. The latter covers the full range of freelancing opportunities from digital graphics to writing to data entry and more.

Website Designer or Site Owner

Building websites either for others or to own is another idea. You’ll need a past portfolio of completed sites, even if they’re ones that you own. This will require some time to produce first.

If you plan to launch some niche sites, these can generate money from advertising and affiliate revenues. However, it will require 12 to 18 months to achieve a 3-figure monthly income, with 4-figures needing a couple of years to achieve.

Choose the best idea(s) that match your situation, skillset, and the opportunities available. Some will produce money relatively quickly whereas others might be more lucrative but typically require far longer to provide a meaningful income.