Top 5 Pet Friendly Flooring Types


There are plenty of qualities you need to look for in flooring if you have pets. It needs to be stylish yet functional, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Dogs and cats don’t like certain types of flooring such as laminate because it’s slippery. They may like other types like carpet too much and chew or scratch it. It’s essential to find the flooring that will last a long time but create a comfortable environment for your pet. Fortunately, there are many types of flooring that are perfectly pet-friendly. Here are the top five examples.

Vinyl flooring

If you want to take great care of your dog, then vinyl is a popular choice. It’s less slippery than laminate and dogs and cats are comfortable walking on it. As well as providing decent grip, it will maintain its temperature making it a cool place to lay on in the summer. It’s not as cold as other floorings such as stone or ceramics, however. Vinyl is good for pet owners as well as it’s easy to clean, cheap, durable, and pretty much scratch-proof.

Sustainable woods

For an eco-friendly flooring solution, you could try sustainable woods like bamboo or cork. These are actually very durable materials, not to mention uniquely attractive. They’re also easy to clean and they won’t get damaged if your pet has an accident. These types of woods are microbial which means they’re less likely to develop mold or harmful allergens.

Stone flooring

For a luxury finish, there’s nothing like stone tile flooring. It’s stunning to look at and very durable. The only downside is that it can get a bit cold, but that’s what dog beds are for. To walk over it’s very comfortable and has plenty of grip. Stone will be totally resistant to even the sharpest claws and it’s a type of flooring for life. If you’re looking to the long term, it might be worth investing in.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic is actually one of the most common types of tile in the home. It’s perfect for statement walls or flooring areas as it can be very decorative. Ceramic is water-resistant, durable, and muddy paw prints will wipe away in seconds. The only issue is that it can be a bit slippery like laminate. Older dogs may need stepping stones of other types of flooring or rugs to help them.

Comfy rugs

If you opt for a slick type of flooring, there’s always a solution. Comfy rugs will prevent your pets from slipping. They’ll protect you and your family from having an accident as well and enlisting the help of a personal injury lawyer. It’s better to err on the side of caution when choosing your flooring. Rugs can be decorative as well as functional so avoid skids by investing in a couple for common areas. If you get one with dark patterns pet prints will barely be visible. Choose the right flooring design for you and create a safer, more comfortable home for your pets.