Unusual Family Entertainment Ideas


Are you stumped for new things to do as a family? Bored of the same old board game and movie nights? Here are some innovative ideas for things to do with your partner and kids to pass the time.

Host a Goldbergs-style ‘Home Games’ day

If you are a fan of the 1980s-throwback sit-com ‘The Goldbergs’ you might have seen the season 3 episode “Edward ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards”, in which Adam and Barry try to find a sport that Barry will excel at in order to launch his Olympic career. While that plan never comes to fruition, the two brothers end up hosting the ‘Home Games’, a day of sporting tournaments which comprises of made-up sports such as sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag. While that particular scenario is likely to result in injuries in real life, why not organize your own, safer version of the Home Games on a weekend? You could play a mixture of actual sports and games you all come up with together and decide in advance on a prize for the winner – for instance, they might get to decide what the family eats for dinner that night. After all, The Goldbergs is based on the real life of writer and producer Adam F. Goldberg and his family, and the Home Games really did take place!

Go to a concert

While going to a concert is not the most outlandish entertainment idea out there, very few people think of it as a family-friendly option. The image that most of us have of concerts is of late-night events filled with booze and recreational drugs. However, many singers and bands who appeal to children and teenagers will have earlier showtimes, often in more relaxed, safer venues. So, grab yourselves some concert tickets for the spring, when hopefully the pandemic will be less severe and go make some memories!

Have a karaoke night

For more music-related entertainment, you can organize your own karaoke night at home with a karaoke machine, you can pick up some models for as low as $50 or so. Choose a karaoke machine which supports at least two mics so you can get your duet groove on, and make sure that you can access karaoke videos and tunes. You can get these on dedicated apps and websites, as well as on YouTube and even on some TV channels. To make your karaoke night extra fun, invest in a few funny costume bits like a sequined hat or an inflatable guitar, and unleash your inner disco lover!

Say yes to a Yes Day – and good luck to you!

In Miguel Arteta’s movie “Yes Day”, Jennifer Garner plays a mom of three who used to be a fun-loving, free-spirited person who said ‘yes’ to everything before having kids, and who now regrets having to say ‘no’ to her kids so often in order to keep them safe. The solution? Organizing a ‘Yes Day’ when she and her husband will say ‘yes’ to anything – with very few limits. It all goes pear-shaped for this family, so you might want to set some more ground rules, but a ‘yes day’ could be a very refreshing and liberating occasion!